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A Study In Street Style: Camille Charrière

The French have always been known for their effortless ensembles but with this style icon, we’re sprinkling in a hefty dose of fashion risks. (FYI, she’s been nailing all of them.)

If you don’t already know style blogger Camille Charrière by name, it might be high time to update your style crush list. Storming through the streets as a regular on the grand style circuit we have all come to know as fashion week, this half-English, half-French lawyer-turned-street style icon is seriously living out our wildest dreams.

She has a style blog, dubbed Camille Over the Rainbow, and it provides a very honest insight into her everyday style. It’s all very personal and very genuine and quite frankly, very inspiring. Add co-hosting for a light-hearted and genuinely very positive podcast about how the fashion industry operates into the mix and there you have it, the bonafide It girl.

As for her style, she has managed to somehow encapsulate the perfect balance between that French je nais se quoi with London’s eclectic melting pot of trends. She has it boxed, shipped and lived out in every one of her ever-so-chic ensembles. And, in words spoken by the woman of the hour herself, she has admitted to be “probably more daring than your average Frenchie.” She believes in spontaneity and being experimental with fashion.

In light of her fashion week outfits, it seems that animal prints, statement coats, and (somehow) Wellington boots have all been given the stamp of approval. Whether she’s lounging in a fully printed leopard coat and relaxed denim jeans, or strutting through the streets in a daring vinyl slim-leg pants and striped sweater combo, there really hasn’t been a risk she has taken that she didn’t win at. From what we’re seeing, belt your fuzzy coats, get a statement skirt, and don’t be afraid to dig out your vintage jeans because those will be part of your uniform for the transitional season that is upon us.

If you’re trying to live out your best life like Camille Charrière, don’t worry, we have your back. Shop below for some of the essential pieces that look like they came right out of her closet.




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