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A Study In Street Style: Gilda Ambrosio

Sweatshirts and dad sneakers, silky pink dresses and red boots, long tweed coats and strings of pearls, the Italian – and serious dead ringer for Cher – is a style chameleon with her own brand of cool.

They say the best runway is the one on the streets. The runway is where the official action happens, but it is on the streets that real style, worn by real people, is born. In “A Study In Street Style”, we turn the spotlight on some of the most notable street style stars of industry. If ever you’re dry on outfit inspiration, just check back here. We guarantee you’ll leave with at least a handful of styling ideas. That, or your (imaginary) money back.

With her long and straight jet black hair, round eyes, small face and cheekbones that can cut paper, Gilda Ambrosio is a serious dead ringer for the legendary Cher. The fact that Ambrosio often cites Cher among her style influences – she regularly pays homage to the pop icon on Instagram – makes things kind of perfect.

A perennial favourite among street style photographers, Ambrosio is also one-half of rising Italian label Attico, which she founded with fellow Italian power pack member Giorgia Tordini. While Ambrosio is oft spotted in Attico’s signature silky wrap dresses and patent coats – who better to represent the brand than herself? – the Italian, like Cher, is something of a style chameleon.

If you were to scan across her repertoire of looks and her personal Instagram, you’ll realise that there is little that Ambrosio cannot pull off without losing that covetable coolness. She is in a cheongsam-esque mini dress on one day, hoodies and dad sneakers on another, and then strings and strings of Chanel pearls on yet another. How does she do it? Eurgh, if only we knew.

Here’s what I can pick out though: a fearless approach to colour and texture but keeping her eyes set on clean lines, and a knack for pairing dainty things with something in complete contrast. A Chanel coat with a camo skirt. A silky pink Celine dress with fiery red Chanel boots. Baggy pants and chains with two-tone Chanel mules. (I need these, by the way. Why do they keep slipping from my grasp?) If all else fails, there is always photographer-bait Attico.


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