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A Study In Street Style: Jeanette Madsen

For this Danish multi-hyphenate and perennial photographer favourite, it's all about that oversized look, a fearless approach to colour and that signature Scandi cool. Get ready for your week's worth of wardrobe inspo.

They say the best runway is the one on the streets. The runway is where the official action happens, but it is on the streets that real style, worn by real people, is born. In “A Study In Street Style”, we turn the spotlight on some of the most notable street style stars of industry. If ever you’re dry on outfit inspiration, just check back here. We guarantee you’ll leave with at least a handful of styling ideas. That, or your (imaginary) money back.

An advocate of contrasting patterns and textures, Danish Jeanette Madsen, juggles being a fashion editor at Costume Magazine, stylist and a digital talent herself, is a crowd favourite and a regular fixture in the street style scene. Her secret? A natural flair for keeping it casual and cool. You know that girl who makes even the simplest of clothing combos look really good? Or that girl who oozes “workwear-appropriate chic”? Yep, Madsen does just that. We’re not sure what the secrets of these Danish girls are, but we sure want in on it.

Perhaps it’s that fearless penchant for colour and having no rules in mixing them. Orange and green? Sure. Pink and purple? Sure. A checked trench on a pair of rust corduroy trousers covered in tiny horses? Triple sure. Rather than that French brand of je ne sais quoi, Scandinavians like Madsen seem to have a kind of quiet, calm confidence that enables them to pull off, well, quite almost anything.

Her eclectic style means that she embraces both high-end and high-street items in her wardrobe. As long as they fit her criteria of a relaxed, feminine street style, its anything goes for Madsen. “For me, it’s all about contrasts and proportions! It has to be casual and cool, yet feminine,” she once said in an interview with H&M. That’s what gives her so much personality in her dressing style and it’s a tip worth taking note for the rest of us.

From what we see, the combination of basic pieces mixed in with bold, fun prints or an unconventional form, seems to be her mantra – be it that bold oversized sweater paired with simple jeans or a bright trench coat over a simple tee, but don’t forget that touch of Scandi brand of confidence as well. Get me a couple of boxes of that. Below, we’ve picked out some pieces below that we think Madsen would approve of.





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