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A Study In Street Style: Jiyoung Kim

Whether it's mismatched boots or a checkerboard skirt suit topped with a beret, the Digital Director of Vogue Korea shows you exactly how to balance quirk and elegance at once.

They say the best runway is the one on the streets. The runway is where the official action happens, but it is on the streets that real style, worn by real people, is born. In “A Study In Street Style”, we turn the spotlight on some of the most notable street style stars of industry. If ever you’re dry on outfit inspiration, just check back here. We guarantee you’ll leave with at least a handful of styling ideas. That, or your (imaginary) money back.

Keeping up with trends and the world of fast-paced environments may seem too tiring a job for the average Joe, but for the Digital Director of Vogue Korea, Jiyoung Kim, that’s what she does on the daily. One look at her Instagram will tell you that she’s got a love for flowy, twirl-worthy skirts but also strong, cool and sophisticated outfits.

Kim’s fashion week game comes across as eclectic, but that doesn’t seem to be the right way to term it either, because there’s a sense of polish and put-togetherness. You see, she goes from white Canadian tuxedo from Calvin Klein to a red patent trench coat and pink boots to extremely feminine with a side of quirk in a checkerboard skirt suit and a t-shirt with a red tulle skirt, both topped with berets. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also crisp and elegant. Professional, comes to mind.

The trick it seems is this: unconventional pieces mixed in with pristine, clean-cut ones, be it a pair of skinny red sunglasses, mismatched boots, a checked dress under a simple tied tank top – the genius of which we went into here – and long leather gloves with a simple turtleneck and a pleated skirt that says “Balenciaga”. Balance, children, it’s all about balance.



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