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A Study In Street Style: Stephanie Broek

She's the spunky Fashion Features Editor of Glamour Netherlands with a flair for styling romantic full-length dresses with urban sneakers. Get ready to breathe new life into ruffled frocks.

They say the best runway is the one on the streets. The runway is where the official action happens, but it is on the streets that real style, worn by real people, is born. In “A Study In Street Style”, we turn the spotlight on some of the most notable street style stars of industry. If ever you’re dry on outfit inspiration, just check back here. We guarantee you’ll leave with at least a handful of styling ideas. That, or your (imaginary) money back.

She’s a sparkling concoction of 80s sunglasses, maxi dresses and a dosage of quirkiness. She’s also a vegan sweetheart who is all about sustainable and cruelty-free living. On our agenda today is Stephanie Broek and if you need a physical embodiment of “fun with fashion”, she’s your girl. She’ll make you want to dig out your stowed-away poofy dresses for them to see the light of day again, but this time paired with sneakers and a beaded bag. After weeks of stalking and double tapping her Instagram game, we finally have it all figured out: her style in a nutshell is experimental, eclectic, and pretty darn rad. 

Broek is also unafraid of mixing textures together and has a way with toning down quirky outfits by balancing them out with masculine and oversized pieces. In other words, her outfits are what our five-year-old fashion dreams were made of, but better. 

Between full-length dresses, bold prints, and her clear glitter glasses, Broek’s flair for layering continues to captivate us at every turn. One look at her Instagram and you can tell that she doesn’t shy away from colour. She’ll rock a full-length floral dress with neon pink Nikes and make you second guess her age. Is she really the 28-year-old fashion features editor of Glamour Netherlands? Yes, yes, she is. Judging from her endless horde of vintage sneakers, one-of-a-kind accessories, and full-length dresses that scream summer, she’s definitely a girl we want to keep on our style radar. 

If there’s a anything we’re learnt from Broek’s fashion week game, it would be to layer unexpected pieces together and to give ruffled frocks with sneakers a try. Even if you aren’t that big on colour, try incorporating it into your outfits with eyewear and bags. They are the easiest accessories to experiment with without sacrificing on your own personal style. We can’t all dress as bravely and as experimental as Stephanie Broek, but we do have a few pieces in mind to help us fake it till we make it. 





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