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25 Jaw-Dropping Moments From Alexander McQueen’s Spring Runway

From ruffled dresses with cut-outs to deconstructed concoctions of tulle and weather-worn leather, it was a show that we didn't want to end.

Have you ever seen a runway show where everything is so good you just feel overwhelmed? It goes beyond “Oh my god, I need that dress. Oh my god, I need that coat.” It leaves you with an emotion that raises goosebumps and your jaw unhinged as your let out a little gasp despite the unspoken “no talking during shows” rule because you just can’t help yourself. For us during the last days of Paris Fashion Week, Alexander McQueen was that show.

The English garden, both in rain and sunshine, was Sarah Burton’s starting point. Floral embellishments, ruffles, checks and lace were aplenty, but as this is Alexander McQueen we are talking about, these came in the form of deconstructed dresses of varying lengths. We imagine a young aristocrat running through the rain and thunder, ripping out bits of her dress before jumping into a river. When it is time to return to her gothic mansion, she throws on a trench coat to hide her escapade. There’s even the wet, slick hair to complete the narrative.

There was a punk element involved as well in the studded boots, weather-worn leather dresses, denim and plaid-on-plaid. A secret wardrobe, perhaps, for when the young aristocrat needs to disguise herself and roam the town away from prying eyes. As the looks streamed down the runway one by one, it is like watching a neo-period movie unfold before our eyes, the sort that makes you go, “Encore! Encore!” See the 25 best moments from Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer ’18 above and tell us which one is your favourite, if you can even pick a single favourite, that is.

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