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All My Fashion Week Looks – The #PFW Edition

I played dress-up with the softest and furriest hat, found my favourite sweater (ever), and fell in love with the lack of colour. Did I also just conquer Fashion Week in heels?

Dear Paris, I will always love you. I can’t stop thinking about your beautiful architecture, the sweet, sweet desserts, and the Parisian glow that seems to envelope the streets at sunset.

It was the last leg for Fashion Week and despite everything coming to an end, the mood in Paris was surprisingly chirpy. I absolutely loved the weather there – it was the perfect temperature for piling on my favourite layers without feeling the heat. There’s just something about spring in Paris that sends my heart fluttering.

This season, I found myself living in neutral earthy colours once again. But, I still kept my signature denim looks part of my Fashion Week arsenal. I lived in colours like olive, white, and camel browns. Also as a little surprise, I mixed things up and threw in a pop of colour (or two) on days where I felt like spring the most. I did that with a Céline floral jacket and a billowy animal printed maxi. But, for the most part, it was neutrals all the way.

But before I forget, I need to update you guys about my shoes! Since Milan, I have officially managed to conquer Fashion Week in heels. But, who knows, my flats may be back with a vengeance the next time I’m cruising Paree again. And, if I had to choose my favourite outfits, I’ll have to go with my ultra chic structured Balmain sweater that I absolutely love, the very new and very gorgeous Chanel’s Side-Packs bag, and Emma Brewin’s fluffy faux fur bucket hat which is quite possibly the softest hat that I’ve ever touched.

Because my favourites were such loud pieces that already carried a statement, I kept my layering and colours to a minimum. Statement pieces are the best for when you need a little extra for your look. Especially during Fashion Week, I save time dressing up when I get to stick to the essentials and a statement item or two. Also, the Balenciaga white boots that I wore to death were as comfortable as they are beautiful. If you know Paris and how crazy traffic is, you’ll know that I spent most of the time on foot and walking to shows to get there on time. So to find myself a pair of heeled boots that didn’t murder my feet on the daily, that is a whole new accomplishment unlocked.

In the blink of an eye, Fashion Week season has officially come to an end. If you missed them on my Instagram, see all my outfits in the gallery above. Putting my massive Fashion Week withdrawals aside, I would like to give a big shout-out and thank you to all the street photographers for taking the time and capturing these amazing moments. See you next time!

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