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All My Fashion Week Looks – the #PFW Edition

In Paris, the rainy weather meant taking all my outerwears out to play. Leather, faux fur, knit – you name it, I probably wore it.

Paris marks the last leg of the fashion month marathon. It’s also the most bittersweet. I always find myself caught in between the excitement to return home to my dear Luca and the longing to extend my stay. The City of Lights is hands down my favourite fashion week stop. There’s just something about the city that gets me everytime – the temperamental weather, et al. Ah, Paree, writing about it is already making me miss the city and her breathtaking sights.

This season, we got real lucky with the weather in (for the most part) sunny, bright Milan. But you could say that’s as far as our luck lasted us. The weather in Paris was far less inviting. Even then, I can’t quite complain. Paris in the rain is that much more romantic. By the time we got to Paris I was kind of hoping for an opportunity to bring my outerwear out to play and the heavens answered.

In Paris, the temperatures dipped and that meant it was time to pull out the outerwear I didn’t quite get the opportunity to wear in Milan. And I certainly did not hold back. From leather to knit and faux fur, I took full advantage of the single-digit temperatures. If Milan was about flexing my styling muscles by bringing pieces together into one look, Paris was about picking an outerwear and building an outfit around it.

If I had to pick my favourite look, I’d have to say the one I wore to Chanel takes the cake. The suspenders were a sidestep from my usual wardrobe – a refreshing change in style. Preppy is not a route I walk down often at all but what’s fashion without having a little bit of fun? In Paris, I also embraced both my feminine and masculine sides by equal measure. While some days felt like oversized blazer and denim days, other days took a complete turn in dresses and skirts – my Valentino look, a case in point. I reckon a change in scenery is always welcome at fashion week.

And of course, I can’t thank the street style photographers enough for tirelessly documenting these looks season after season. I am eternally grateful! What was your favourite look from Paris? Let me know in the comments section below!

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