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An Up Close and Personal Look at Prada’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Miuccia Prada's career-long contemplation of femininity brings the cliches of womenswear and menswear together to redefine glamour. You bet it's a feat only Prada can pull-off!

Long before the rest of the world (and fashion) stepped into a conversation about femininity, there was Miuccia Prada. Throughout the course of her design career, female empowerment has been at the core of her work. Fun fact: In the past, Prada was a member of the Unione Donne Italiane (Union of Women in Italy). From the get-go, Prada has stood her ground at the front and centre of the industry’s conversation about feminism. And over the years, her stand has remained unchanged.

Despite claiming her work apolitical, suggestions that women can find power in the feminine have repeatedly been perpetuated on Prada’s runways. In the post #MeToo era, Prada’s proposition carries more weight than it may ever have in the past. “We can be strong and feminine at the same time…women carry the weight now,” said Prada in an interview with Vogue.com.

The backdrop for Fall/Winter 2020 was reminiscent of the arena she had staged her men’s collection in previously but this time painted in lotus-flowers drawn from the Viennese Secession art movement. In particular, Prada’s point of contemplation this season tested the definition of glamour. You can expect no less than an off-kilter approach to anything Prada touches. She does, after all, consider herself amongst the industry’s renegades.

Done the Prada way, glamour took form in the juxtaposition of troupes of femininity against rigid silhouettes and a pared-back colour palette stereotypical of austere menswear. The show’s opening look – a boxy jacket worn with a fringe skirt – was telling of just that. The looks that followed further amalgamated cornerstones of the male and female wardrobe. Basketball jerseys came in netted variations; fringe and beads lent visual appeal to otherwise ordinary sweaters; and waistlines were cinched in with the season’s belt bags.

Speaking of which, the micro bag trend continued its strong run at Prada. We now find ourselves second-guessing our earlier decision to leave the not so functional carryalls behind in 2019. Well, what is a Prada collection if it doesn’t leave us contemplating fashion? Am I right?

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