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Armpit Bags Are Trending

Wait, what?

When I was 10, all I wanted was a fanny pack. Think about it – it’s completely hands-free, you don’t have to take it off at dinners because no one can see it, and if you need something, just reach into it like a pocket and take the thing out. Easy peasy. After quite a bit of whining and asking, my mother eventually gave me hers, probably because she realised what a sartorial mistake it was to carry one. Of course as the years went by, I ditched the fanny for pretty much everything else. I mean, a bag…on your bum…seriously?

Lately though, I’ve found myself thinking about the fanny pack again. It may have to do with a certain Star Wars-related one I saw at Undercover, or the many vintage Chanel ones we spotted on our recent trip to Japan (if you follow Yoyo on Snapchat, you’d have gotten a sneak peek). Kenzo made some pretty sweet belt-bags for Spring/Summer 2016, and Celine’s making a serious case for drawstring waist pouches for Fall/Winter 2016. If Phoebe Philo thinks a bag around your torso is cool, it’s cool.

But why stick to just fannies and waist pouches though? Why not a cross-body bag tucked right under your armpit à la Proenza Schouler and Valentino? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you – the armpit bag! With it, you never have to lift your bag to your face to search for something again. With it, no one is going to dare to rob you because they’d literally have to lift your arm and go under your pits. If armpit bags get in the way of ventilation – we live in Singapore, we know how important ventilation is under there – why not an under-boob bag? It French girl Aymeline Valade under-boobed her Chloé Georgia bag recently at Menswear Week and she looks pretty badass.

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