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3 Cities, 2 Weeks, 1 Mademoiselle J12

Whether at the weekend markets of London or in Gabrielle Chanel's apartment in Paris, we had the Mademoiselle J12 watch with us. In collaboration with Chanel.

When you think of Chanel, you think of things like timelessness, elegance and fierce femininity. Not often does humour come to mind. But Chanel isn’t the kind of house that likes to stay put – it remains irreverent whilst still moving forward. We’ve already established that Chanel has no qualms about injecting quirk into its high jewellery – most recently the “Flying Cloud” collection we saw in Paris – but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t surprised by the latest edition of Chanel’s iconic J12 timepiece: the Mademoiselle J12.

Never have we chuckled at a Chanel timepiece as much as we did with this one. In a good way, of course. Created with high-tech ceramic in black or white, the star of the Mademoiselle J12 is none other than a cartoonish reinterpretation of Mademoiselle Chanel herself, clad in her iconic two-tone skirt suit, pumps and hat. One hand points to the hour, the other the minutes. You can already imagine how funny the watch face looks when it is say, 10.45 am or 7.30pm. Very Saturday Night Fever, Mademoiselle Chanel.

Humour was really what Chanel was going for with the Mademoiselle J12, but the craftsmanship behind it is no child’s play. Like the J12s before it, the ceramic on the Mademoiselle J12 is so relentless sturdy. We’re not going too much into the technicalities, so know this: the only thing that can be used to form and polish the watch are diamonds. It is unapologetically scratch-proof. From Seoul to Paris, we carried it without its casing in our bags for hours – alongside things like key chains, cards, coins and zippers – and it remained unscathed.

It feels light, too, an impressive feat considering its size. But the best part – besides its sturdiness and the dancing Mademoiselle Chanel, for reasons obvious – is how easy it is to work with, both when you’re putting it on and even after. It’s quirky alright, but it is so versatile no matter how you’re wearing it. We styled it up, down, feminine, masculine. It worked every time, from city to city, backdrop to backdrop. The easy triple-fold means there’s no need to ask for help when you’re putting it on, too. That’s very Gabrielle Chanel.

Over the last two weeks, we took the Mademoiselle J12 all over three different cities: Seoul, London and finally, Paris. Flower shops, weekend markets, palaces, abbeys, hipster lanes lined with cafes, archive museums and even Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartment atop 31 rue Cambon – you name it, we had the J12 with us. Click here for a closer look at the watch and here to see it in motion.

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