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Backstage Access: Carven Fall/Winter 2016

Now that we’re way up here, it’s cry-stal clear!

Carven day was one of those mad days. Not only was it a six-show day, the fickle sunny/rainy weather meant sand-caked shoes and wet coats as we hustled with the rest of the fashion week crowd from Chloé at the Grand Palais to the Tuileries Garden. In contrast to the mayhem of the morning, the atmosphere backstage at Carven was surprisingly calm and controlled, never mind that it was only the third runway show under Adrien Caillaudaud and Alexis Martial.

Maybe it was the effect of the many crystals, the recurring motif of the season. Or maybe it was because photographers were allowed more room, which meant less yelling and shoving all around. As the too-cool Carven girls returned from the runway in leg-baring skirts and shearling jackets, the teary-eyed designers followed in tow and were quickly surrounded by their similarly teary-eyed crew. The mayhem was finally over – for them, at least. I shut my camera and left, leaving them to bask in the spoils of their hard work undisturbed. What are your thoughts on the collection?


Photos: Candice Chua

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