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Backstage Access: Fendi Fall/Winter 2016

So kawaii-ne!

Karl Lagerfeld seems to be on a bit of a girly streak lately. Following spring’s pinks and bubble shapes, Fendi continues the cute with a collection centred on frills (though the official press release described the patterns as “waves”). There were these frilly little dresses and colourful chubby coats paired alongside bags that were either super tiny, pastel, covered entirely in fur or all of the above. The season’s bag bugs – Fendi’s signature series of fur charms – called Bug-kun and Piro-chan only served to cement the kawaii-ne theme even further. The shoes, however, were surprisingly roguish in spite of the frills. Coupled with quilt stitching and its grainy texture, the deep-sea green ones actually looked as though they were made of a dragon’s hide. Imagine Daenerys Targaryen storming into the Red Keep in these babies the day she finally conquers Westeros with all three of her dragons flying in the background. Victorious and fabulous. How about that, costume designers at HBO?

What do you think of the collection?

Photos: Candice Chua

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