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All The Backstage Mayhem At Exhibit’s Fall/Winter 2016 Show

From buckles to jewel-tone eyes to candid moments, see what went on backstage at my show at Singapore Fashion Week.

The situation backstage can go two ways – either into utter chaos or absolute calm. For the team and I at Exhibit’s runway show on Friday, it was surprisingly more of the second. Maybe it was because we had already done it twice before, so everything seemed more familiar. Or, maybe it was because we were more excited about revealing months of hard work, and that helped us forget the stress.

We presented Exhibit’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection at the beautiful National Gallery Singapore. As I hinted last week, the collection is mainly divided into three themes: cotton, silk and velvet. We see it as a movement from daytime comfort to nighttime luxe. (But you can wear it whenever you want, of course.) The biggest change from Exhibit’s last runway collection is the colour palette. Last year was all black and white. This year, we took a bold step with everything from khaki and white to purple, green, red and pink.

Details are a lot more polished, too. Moving on from pom-poms and eyelets, Exhibit’s Fall/Winter 2016 features buckles in tortoiseshell, metal and exposed zips in gold and black. We’re also always thinking of versatility and helping our girl get more mileage out of something. The looks can easily be broken down and mixed around with each other, or with their own wardrobe for a new feel. We even designed for some of the skirts to look like two pieces so you can cheat at the layering game.

The collection is really a mix of opposites – daytime and nighttime, soft and structured, simple and layered, girly and boyish, demure and sexy – so as much as it is cheesy to say, there’s really something for everyone to love.

Also, can I take a minute to talk about the hair and makeup? With all the deep colours going on with the clothes, we knew we had to pair them it with a strong set of jewel-tone eyes. But why stick to one when you can have three? We went with bronze, purple and red-pink, topped with a frizzy head of hair and plenty of bobby pins for added quirkiness. The Exhibit girl has more than one side, and we hope that this collection showed that.

What are your favourite looks? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. If you’re starting to craft your fall wardrobe, the first drop from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection will be available tomorrow at exhibitstore.co. Get ready to work those finger muscles and I’ll see you on the other side!


Photos: YOYOKULALA.com

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