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I’m Letting You Inside My Basket Bag Obsession

I'll confess – from wicker, straw, rattan to leather, and in small, medium to large – I'm a total basket case.

For a few years now, basket bags have been summer’s de facto accessory. These woven arm candies, whether wicker, bamboo, straw or raffia, scream island living. Travel might completely be out of the question in the foreseeable future but I’d like to think that living in a part of the world where it’s sunshine all year round, my obsession with basket bags is completely justifiable.

When it comes down to it, vacation is a state of mind. I’ve designed my humble abode to feel very much like a charming vacation home on an undisturbed islet. A quick survey of my home will have you know that my inclination towards basket bags extends into my interior. Wicker cabinets, rattan chairs, straw storage baskets – you’d see them all around the house. In fact, my basket bags so seamlessly blend into my furniture, further accentuating the apartment’s island vibe.

The versatility of basket bags also extends to its functionality. I have one in every size for every occasion. My oversized totes from Loewe and Celine are a saviour on the days I take Sir Luca out to the beach or the zoo; the Chanels are perfect for brunch and the leather woven Loewe comes in handy when I’m feeling a little fancier that day. The neutral colour palette of these carryalls also make it so incredibly easy to pair with outfits – anything from flouncy, floral summer dresses to classic white shirt and denim combinations.

To hear more of my endless praise about my growing collection of basket bags – 7 minutes and 20 seconds long, to be specific – head on over here. I’d suggest swiping through the gallery above for a sneak peek!

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