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Be It Staples or Statements, These Are The Best Fashion Items That Made Our Year

As we make our new year's resolutions, let's take a look back on everything we loved wearing through the year.

2018 has been a fulfilling year through and through. We watched fashion week in February and March roll by in the comforts of our own home as we ushered baby Luca into the world! But we were back on our feet in no time, and attended cruise shows in wonderful, breathtaking France. We couldn’t take seeing the Spring/Summer 2019 collections in the backseat, so we hopped on another world tour around the four cities.

As we scramble for new planners and another oath to be more organised the next year, we also take a look at all the best fashion pieces that made our year. Whether it’s a specific item or something as big a category as fanny packs, these are the things that we’ll gladly take into the new year. If you’re more of a beauty person, keep your eyes peeled till tomorrow, for we have a list for that as well. For now, scroll and enjoy the top ten that made our year!


Belt Bags/Fanny Packs

It was the year of fanny packs, with collection after collection creating their own rendition of the vintage style. Wear it as a crossbody, sling it on your shoulder or across the waist to cinch in a blazer. We saw them all over fashion month across the four cities, and it’s not going away in 2019.

Chunky Sneakers

Just like fanny packs, chunky dad sneakers made a comeback in 2018. Some of us loved it, some of us hated it. Either ways, there’s no denying that this little trend has proven itself to be not so little, and one that we just can’t get enough of.

Tiny, Tiny Sunnies

Surely, you couldn’t have missed this out? We’re not sure how this trend came about, but we embraced it with all our hearts. Yoyo even had a collaboration with Gentle Monster for a limited edition pair of sunnies! This one by Ray-Ban has been worn to death by Yoyo.

Gigantic Earrings

Apart from the fact that Yoyo doesn’t have ear piercings, she was never one to rock a pair of hoops or dangling earrings. But this year, it’s a little different. She still can’t wear regular earrings, but clip-ons are the best, low-commitment inventions ever. Bring out the diamonds, baby.

Miniature Bags

Tis’ the season for miniature bags and even MORE miniature bags, because these cute little things are not going to disappear anytime soon. They may only fit a card and a lipstick at most, but we just can’t resist them.

Oversized Blazers

Lots of things went micro this year, but blazers took the alternate route. No matter the occasion, be it brunch or dinner, an oversized blazer will spice up the outfit. Pair it with a fanny pack, maybe?

Transparent Bags

You need not have to be the most organised person to rock a transparent bag, and that’s the beauty of it all. Yoyo’s favourite essential is an apple!

Combat Boots

Oh, if we were to choose a pair of boots to wear for ever and ever, it might just have to be combat boots. Not only is it practical and comfortable, it’s also stylish and versatile. This one from Chanel’s got a hold of our hearts.


Bucket Hats

To be fair, bucket hats were never out. But we were a bit more into it this year than any other year. It just makes for the perfect, casual outfit topper. Even better, why not go vintage?

Stacked Necklaces

Stacked necklaces along with stacked bracelets and rings will always have a special place in our wardrobes. It elevates an outfit in an entirely different way that brings style and personality to the table.

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