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Belts + Blazers Is Still The Wardrobe Cheat That Never Fails

Don't cramp your style by picking either one. We're taking cue from the streets for the best ways to pair these two wardrobe necessities.

Not all forms of outerwear are created the same: there are the slouchy knit sweaters, cardigans, hoodie jackets, and most importantly, the blazers. All are suited for different occasions and blazers have long been categorised as the outerwear for a formal, stiff look. Until now. Blazers are breaking away from their stereotype and taking over the street style scene with chunky, androgynous structure. Think blazers nipped at the waist– cheat sheets of the fashion world. It is your flattering yet effortless “I woke up like this look” and with basic colours? Always a good option for a classic look that never goes wrong.

Of course, we can only trust the street stylers to show us how to take it up another notch – a belt notch. To transform a blazer from outerwear to shirt or blouse so that it stands on its own, all one needs to do is cinch it at the waist with a belt, a cheat that cuts you a fine figure, so easily done that it may be the best thing since sliced bread. Okay, perhaps not, but you get the point.

With just the cinching of the waist with a belt, a blazer is transformed from androgynous to feminine, oversized to fitted, casual to dressy, accompaniment to it’s own statement. If it already comes with its own belt, that is all of the work done. Here’s how to get started.





Again, we stand by what we say. Monochromatic colours can never do you wrong. Want a more subtle curve to your waist without the belt? Opt for the blazers that specifically curve in at the waist as opposed to boxier ones. (These make belting easier, too.) Or, if you’re up for it blazers that already come with their own belts are great stepping stones. Until you find yourself hooked and wanting more, which brings us to…




Because having just one simply isn’t enough. These bright and fun coloured blazers are anything but strange once you don them on. Statement outerwear, checked. Depending on how you would like to wear it, an oversized fit or a body-hugging fit, both work wonders when paired with a belt – or even without the belt. You do you.





Level up and consider a belt bag. Hey, if Carrie approves, who are we to say no, eh? Pop in your phone. Pop in your cash. Only the barest of necessities whilst still going handsfree.



More is more in the case of these thick belts. Especially for girls who have longer torsos, these belts help to balance out body proportion and cheat your way into the golden ratio. Their flattering fit shaves inches off your waist. Don’t even need the spanx.



What better way to show off your investments than to attach them onto your waist? A luxurious twist atop your insouciant, effortless style sounds about just right.


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