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The Season’s Most-Wanted Bags Don’t Have A Type

From chain bags that defy gravity to the longest clutch purse you'll ever see. But, is there ever a bad day for variety? To that we say no!

Fashion is one of those things where something is always happening. Whenever fashion month rolls around, it is like a massive upload of information into the fashion lexicon. New collections, new designers, new silhouettes, new ways to style, new materials, new terms, so on and so forth. We then proceed to make sense of this bulk of information, grouping them into categories we like to call trends.

But, something strange seems to be happening – at least among the season’s most wanted bags. Typically, one is able to pick out an element of commonality, no matter how small, among several bags, like how they’re carried, sizes, the key materials used or components involved. For the bags of fall and the coming winter season, rules do not apply.

Let’s look at what we have. There’s the Upside Down bag from Jacquemus leading the quirky front. Saint Laurent’s Fetiche is the longest clutch purse we’ve ever seen in all our years of living. Valentino has a teeny, tiny purse that you can loop onto your finger. Elizabeth and James has a market bag that isn’t a straw basket or giant tote, finally. Prada just flat out covered their bag in red shearling.

So, so many choices – which also means that there’s bound to be something for everyone. Can’t pin down the season’s bags to a bunch of trends? Forget that! It means that everyone is doing something different, and in fashion’s case, different is always good. It also means you get to play a whole array of roles if you so choose. Here, we gathered all the It girl-approved bags that you can cart out straightaway.

Jacquemus Upside Down Chain-Trimmed Suede Shoulder Bag


The Row Ascot Small Satin Tote

Burberry DK88 Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Chloe Pixie Suede and Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

Elizabeth and James Market Shopper Faux Patent Leather Tote

Fendi Kan I Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Gucci Bamboo Classic 2 Embellished Leather Tote

Loewe Hammock Small Canvas-Trimmed Leather Shoulder Bag

Marni Pebble Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag

Miu Miu Dahlia Smooth and Textured Leather Shoulder Bag

Mulberry Trunk Small Leather Shoulder Bag

Prada Embellished Leather Shoulder Bag

Prada Shearling and Textured Leather Shoulder Bag

Roger Vivier Viv Cabas Mini Leather Tote


Saint Laurent Fetiche Patent Textured Leather Clutch

Simone Rocha Bow-Detailed Faux Fur Tote

Valentino Enameled Leather Keychain

Attico Rosie Striped Sequinned Gauze Clutch

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