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These Basket Bags Will Convince Your Mind That You’re Somewhere Else

If summer and vacation season are a state of mind, these not-your-average basket bags are your mental ticket. Piña colada and plate of fries, optional.

One of my oldest friends who had relocated to Berlin several years ago recently made a visit back home. Barely thirty minutes into our welcome-back banter, she proclaimed rather exasperatedly, “Please take me to the beach. I need sun. I need warmth. PLEASE.”

Considering that she had just come from a city that was well below freezing point, the request was within reason. Still, I rolled my eyes, for local temperatures were among the highest it had ever been in weeks. Humidity was gosh darn thick. Anyone would be mad to be in the heat voluntarily.

Then, I stopped myself. I checked myself. I realised something. When we think of beaches, villas and open waters, it isn’t so much of the sun, sand and warmth that we’re thinking of – we’re thinking of the state of mind it brings. Calm. Paradise. Being somewhere else where you can not care. Where you can check out, because that’s what you’re supposed to do in an idyllic water villa. I may have scoffed, but I’m also someone who’d never say no to a visit to Bali, even if it is hotter there.

Unfortunately, reality calls. However, if summer is a state of mind, that would mean that you can convince your mind that you’re elsewhere, even momentarily. You can even play, nay, dress the part until your next vacation arrives. Beach dresses weren’t fly in an office setting, but basket bags, which happen to still be on trend a full year on? Sure. They’ve gotten more spacious and practical, too. (Read: lining, drawstrings, lids.)

Our favourite of the lot goes to Loewe, but we’ve got basket bags in all form and function below, all guaranteed to work in a plethora of settings and outfit combos, be it a prairie girl dress or just plain ol’ t-shirt and jeans.

MUUN Striped Canvas and Straw Bucket Bag

MUUN Juste and Straw Tote

Sensi Studio Leather Trimmed Toquilla Straw Basket

Miu Miu Logo Embroidered Basket Bag

Wai Wai Tasselled Woven Rattan Bag

3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Glove Pouch

Loewe Leather Trimmed Woven Raffia Tote

Elizabeth and James Macarame Tote

Nannacay Pom-Pom Embellished Woven Raffia Tote

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