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Are Unapologetically Big Earrings Your Safety Blanket, Too?

On days where you're all face and in no mood to contour, those chunky gold hoops and shoulder-grazing fringe can a lot more than just decorate.

So, I have what I like to call an oblong face. It’s round, but it’s also square. While it doesn’t bother me as much as it did in my adolescent years of angst and insecurities, there are some days where I, you know, enjoy a little bit of definition on my face.

Sure, I could go down the contouring route. A little brush of contour powder under the cheekbones, a little along with jawline, viola. But on mornings after a sodium-laden late night dinner that renders water retention on my face at an all time high, I need a second line of defence.

I could double up on the contouring (read: Kardashian) but seeing as I’m undergoing something of a makeup detox, I seek my solace elsewhere: unapologetically big earrings. Not tiny, delicate studs the size of of M&Ms, mind you, but earrings at least the size of a Famous Amos cookie.

I’m sure that there is some kind of proper scientific explanation to why huge earrings ironically streamline the face despite their propensity to also be oblong, but I have a theory.

Like wearing a contrasting shoe in a monochromatic outfit, huge earrings break the monotony so that it’s not all face. Similarly, like how if you match a red lip to your red shoes and both of it stand-out, the shine on the earring somehow brings out the shine in the eyes, drawing focus away from all that face. Makes sense? Well, to me it does. If you see me wearing hoops on an off-day, there’s probably a good reason why.

Big earrings are also safety blankets in more ways then one. White t-shirt and jeans need a little joojing? Put on some chunky gold tubes. Black suit lacking a little something-something? Bring in the shoulder-grazing fringe. Want to up your beach holiday #ootds even though swimming with earrings makes zero sense? Throw on enamel or gold foil leaves. Big earrings, they’re instant outfit expressos, the accessory box safety net.


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