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The Best Multiple-In-One Pieces That Will Make You Go “Wait, What?”

From convertible bags that just so happen to be among the season's most wanted to coats that play tricks on your mind.

Remember back in the early 2000s when convertible cargo pants were a thing? They had sections at the knees and the mid-shins, joined together by zips and buttons. Depending on the day, occasion or mood, one could unzip and unbutton these parts, converting the long cargo pant into a cropped one or a pair of shorts. As a child with admittedly questionable tastes, I thought they were the coolest things ever.

Fortunately, convertible cargo pants, like so many sartorial statements from the late 1990s and early 2000s such as skinny eyebrows and bell-bottomed velour tracksuits, have faded into oblivion, but the idea behind it has not. In fact, in the hands of people like Demna Gvasalia at Vetements and Balenciaga, Chitose Abe at Sacai and rising newcomers like Rokh, it’s only gotten cooler. Way, way, way cooler.

It works on two levels. First, you have the actual convertibles. Multiple ways to wear that cleverly crafted thing. Take this red Opening Ceremony sweater for instance, where pearls instead of buttons hold a total of five different pieces together. Or this Rokh coat with fully detachable sleeves, so you get a cold-shoulder coat in 30 seconds and a vest dress in a minute.

Then, you have your hybrids. Not exactly convertibles, but they look like multiple pieces in one. All the layering and mixing covered without the bulk, like this Vetements coat that lets you cheat on the double-coating trend or this genius dress that’ll make you look like you have a duster robe on, but you really don’t.

Or, how about one that combines both levels? Leave it to Sacai’s Chitose Abe, who constantly pushes the boundaries of convertible and hybrid clothing season after season. This dress combines a blazer and a dress, with shirt cuffs attached to the cuffs of the blazer to make the dress appear long-sleeved.

It doesn’t have to be just clothing. Chloe’s Roy bag – its latest of a long line of It girl-approved bags – lets you add or remove space according to your day’s needs with just the fiddling of rings. The new Le Sac Maracasau bag from Jacquemus is two completely different bags in one!

These aren’t rocket science, but it’s still pretty darn clever. Any piece that lets us change its look – and hence our look – in under a minute gets our stamp of approval.

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