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These Are The New Season Boots You’ll Wear All Year, Possibly Forever

From chunky-heeled ankle boots to heavy duty platform monogram boots, these kicks are the new essentials, like bread and butter.

In many ways, the ideal wardrobe is like a food pyramid diagram. While the elements that make the latter have changed over the years since our last health education class, the basis remains the same. You have your “essential” foods at the bottom, the ones you need to have the most of, and then you have the “least essential” foods right at the top, the ones that are unimportant, but allows the occasional indulgence.

Switching back to wardrobe terms, the pieces that make the bottom are your essentials: the basics, the pieces that go with quite literally everything that you’ll wear them until the seams begin to come loose or its been washed so often that the colour intensity is half of what it used to be. White shirts, white t-shirts, vintage-cut jeans, a well-tailored blazer, so on and so forth. Shoes come into the picture as well – the classic black pump, white sneakers, pointed mules and finally, boots.

A pair of boots can take you places, geographically, sartorially and metaphorically. Think of these essential boots like good carbs, good fats or protein – you need them to function. Essential boots turn the metaphorical cogs of your wardrobe, making for a versatile one.

However, while simple black ones in leather are as classic and versatile as boots can get, we can’t help feeling that they’re, well, kind of uneventful. Not boring, but uneventful. There are a hundreds, possibly thousands of ways to arrive at a extremely versatile boot without falling back to the same old silhouette – and the new season has plenty of them.

Flat, lace-up, heavy duty platforms, woven and slimming, chunky at the heel to make for easy walking, we rounded up five of what we think are the essential boots of the spring season, like bread and butter. The boots above are already available at the respective boutiques, but if you’ve been stuck at home, or you’re just itching to smash the check out button, shop these ones below straight away.

Ganni Callie textured-leather ankle boots

Maison Margiela point-toe knee-length leather boots

Saint Laurent Blaze point-toe eyelet-embellished boots

Rue St Kingly Street leather ankle boots

Paul Andrew Mangold grained leather ankle boots

Chloe Orland ankle boots

Chloe Rylee snake-effect leather ankle boots

Ann Demeulemeester slanted heel ankle boots

Alexachung lace-up velvet ankle boots

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