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Happy Birthday, Kate Moss!

Kate Moss today, tomorrow and forever. In honour of her 43rd birthday, we scan through history for some of her best looks of all time. (*Still* not over that wedding dress.)

Before Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, there was Kate Moss. The original supermodel. If there was Instagram way back in the 1990s at the zenith of the model’s career, she probably would have been among the most-followed on the platform. (Moss still doesn’t have Instagram, but her recently launched modelling agency does.)

Moss began her whirlwind career with a controversial – but now undisputedly iconic – campaign with Calvin Klein. It made people excited, but it also made scores of people mad. In the years to follow, Moss would find herself in and out of controversy and scrutiny, whether it was about how much she weighed, her drug use or her love life. She’s been through more than a few rough patches, but Moss and her unforgettable face continue to endure. Nearly three decades, countless covers and numerous collaborations on. People still want Mor-ss. Was that cheesy? Don’t care, it worked.

More than just a modelling legend, Moss is an oft quoted style icon. We don’t want to use je nais se qui, but that’s really what she has. So many have her face mounted on their walls because of it, ourselves included. (That one shot of Moss holding a cigarette and another in her Calvin Klein knickers sit in our office.) It is a style that goes beyond clothes, though clothes are involved to a significant degree. In her early years, the young Moss was living proof that one cannot have too many slip dresses, long or short. Stringy hair and next-to-nothing were part of the look, too.

As she exited the 1990s and 2000s, her style evolved into something a little more androgynous, a little more rock-n-roll. Moss has stated that she would have liked to be the front woman of band if she wasn’t a model, so that’s understandable. Jeans and pants topped with simple shirts and an impressive array of jackets and coats. Slips became a rare thing, though a slinky dress or two still appeared occasionally. And that John Galliano wedding dress! What a moment.

As such, we dedicate the day to you, Kate Moss. The enduring style icon, the original supermodel. Happy birthday, you. Scroll through the gallery for some of our favourite Kate Moss looks of all time. What’s your favourite Kate Moss style moment?

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