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The Milan Fashion Week Digest – Episode 4

Don't have time to see all the collections from Milan Fashion Week? We've done the legwork for you and picked the best five.

Welcome to Milan Fashion Week, where schedules are slightly insane, but the runway collections, burrata cheese and homemade spaghetti make things all better. We can always count on Milan to bring on the bold, though one does not have to turn to maximalism to achieve that.

Things have finally wrapped up in Milan – we’re typing this from our makeshift desk in Paris – and as such, it is finally time to take stock and give out medals to the collections that awed us the most. Don’t have time for everything? We’ll cut to the chase with our top five collections from the city, from Gucci’s eighties homage to the new Jil Sander.



The eighties nailed maximalism like no other era, and no one does maximalism quite like Gucci. Put the two together? BAM. Think strong shoulders, leotards, Bob Mackie, Elton John, Eastern influences and throwback accessories. As always, Alessandro Michele provides a plethora of options for everyone, from subtle monogrammed slippers to a diamond-checked blazer with a rhinestone trim that looks straight out of Sir Elton John’s wardrobe. Get started on your shopping list early with our gallery of Gucci’s best collection details here.



This is exactly what it means to do spring wear without going into vacation mode. Lightweight fabrics, easy breezy silhouettes, cool blues and greens and showing skin without technically showing skin. Silhouettes were lady-like, yet walked on the bold side with structure and fluidity at all the right places, plus cut-outs at the waist to keep things interesting. Don’t even get us started on the shoes and monogrammed micro bucket bags. Instead, we’ll let you peruse the best details from the collection here.



Prada’s collection may have been filled with comic book prints, but Miuccia Prada had a lot more than pop culture’s obsession with comics in mind. The work of a select group of female artists, these are pieces that tell a story and will continue to tell a story in years to come. Accessories were bold and quirky without wading into “cute” or “loud” territory and that is something that Miuccia Prada excels at. There was just so much to see. We picked our favourite moments here.



Oh my god. The new Jil Sander under Lucie and Luke Meier had us floored. It was a tale of well-tailoring and clever fabric choices, worked into pieces that were both statement-making and versatile, all music to our ears. Coupled with the music and pristine show setting, it was a show and collection that left us with goosebumps.



We miss Consuelo Castiglioni as much as everyone else, but newly-installed creative director Francesco Risso is taking Marni in a fresh and new direction whilst keeping to the brand’s ethos. Proportions were the good kind of awkward, new ways of mixing prints were introduced and the layering was just plenty fun. Everything’s coming up rosy for Marni and we cannot wait to see what Risso has planned for the next season already.


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