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There’s Nothing Wrong With High Maintenance Pre-Bedtime Routines

There ain't no shame in treating yourself like the Queen of France – and it starts with any one of these silky, soft pyjamas. Hear me out.

Of the few habits that I picked up from travelling alongside Yoyo – e.g. never not asking for warm water with several slices of lemon at restaurants – the weirdest one would have to be that I am now a pyjama (or pajama) person. That is, I specifically buy clothes to wear to bed. To snooze. And you know what, I don’t think that is high-maintenance at all.

They say sleep is luxury, right? To be able to sleep undisturbed is a blessing that not everyone can get. If you get the full eight hours, that’s a celebration in itself. When given such a luxury, you make the most out of it in what way you can.

You know what scene in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette where Kristen Dunst is in bed and there are at least 15 women just standing by her bed, waiting to undress her, comb her hair, and bathe and powder her and whatnot? Yeah, not to that extent. That is demented.

Look, you already have the cushy bed and the fluffy pillows, and your multiple-step nighttime skincare regimen is locked in. Comfortable nighttime garb to make sure you have maximum comfort in bed is the final piece of the puzzle. Plus, choosing the right pyjama has other plus points, like keeping your nighttime oils and moisturisers nicely covered so it doesn’t rub off onto your sheets. If you move around a lot in your sleep, soft silk pjs also reduce the chances of sleep marks on your body.

Where to start? British label Yolke makes severely luxe silk pyjamas with monogram options. (The striped ones you see on Yoyo’s Instagram are by them.) Olivia Van Halle is another luxurious one that has more print options, going so far as putting sharks on their pieces. If your arms get chilly but your legs down, Love Stories has that covered with their raw-edged sets that have cute little embroidered details. The champ, however, goes to Sleeper, where their pieces are not only in silk, but sometimes come with cape-like sleeves and feathers. These are the kind of pyjamas that you wear on nights where you imagine you’re an old-world movie star in your dressing room, aggressively spraying on perfume because you’re pissed off with something.

Satin and silk are the obvious choices if your road to sleep is one paved with luxe, but if you’re more of a 100 percent cotton girl – as am I – or if you’re more of a camisole and shorts girl, we’ve got you covered below.

Love Stories Satin Pajama Set

Love Stories Satin Pajama Set

Yolke Stripe Set Silk Pajama Set

Yolke Stripe Set Silk Pajama Set

Sleepy Jones Cotton Pajama Set

Olivia Van Halle Silk-Satin Pajama Set

Olivia Van Halle Silk-Satin Pajama Short Set

Olivia Van Halle Silk-Satin Printed Pajama Set

Equipment Silk-Satin Camisole & Shorts Pajama Set

DKNY Washed Satin Pajama Short Set

Sleeper “Sleeper Hotel” Silk Pajama Set

Sleeper “Christmas Eve” Black Pajama Suit

Sleeper Cotton Pajama Short Set

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