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Truth: Statement Earrings Are Instant Outfit Fixers

These gloriously ostentatious earrings will jazz up a look faster than you can say, "What configuration of fabrics should I cover myself in today?"

You know those days when you look yourself in the mirror and feel like something is missing? No, it’s not about your single life or the lack of a natural highlight on your nose bridge. We are talking about the one accessory that could elevate any outfit in an instant – ridiculously huge and unapologetically fun earrings.

The oversized, possibly half a kilo heavy killers are indeed our life savers when the need to jazz up a look arises, whether it’s the simple t-shirt and jeans, a statement shirt or even something as loud as full-on polka dots. So worth the headache, the sore earlobes and migraines. (I can’t be the only one who gets migraines from heavy earrings, right?) If you bothered to put on such a glorious earring, no one can say that you didn’t try to look proper for the day.

The earrings that demand attention? The classic Saint Laurent logo covered in crystals! Safety pin loops and big 80s-style logo studs from Balenciaga! Oscar de la Renta’s flirty tiered-tassels for a night out with the ladies! And…J.W. Andersons’s spoon and key earrings? Uh, sure, why not!

Nobody should be left out of the fun and earring migraines, so we’ve included clip earrings for those non-pierced ears, or for days when your ear holes are basically that close to bleeding from last night’s chunky gold hoops. Shop our selection of these quick outfit fixers below.

Gucci Pearl-Effect Embellished Lion Earrings

Katerina Makriyianni Fan Fringed Gold-tone Earrings

Ellery Hush Tire Earrings

Alexander Wang Interlocked Earrings

Saint Laurent Ruthenium-plated, Crystal and Enamel Clip Earrings

Oscar De La Renta Tiered Tassel Earrings

Balenciaga Gold-tone Acrylic Clip Earring

Sophie Buhai Silver Earrings

Dolce & Gabbana Crown and Heart-embellished Clip-on Earrings

Givenchy Embellished Loop Earrings

Dinosaur Designs Resin Hoop Earrings

J.W.Anderson Horn Earrings

Balenciaga Silver-tone Earrings

Miu Miu Gold and Silver-plated, Faux Pearl and Crystal Clip Earrings

Oscar de la Renta Tasseled Beaded Clip Earrings 

J.W.Anderson Gold-plated Earrings

Balenciaga Silk-twill Earring

Simone Rocha Beaded Earrings

Gucci Gold-tone, Faux Pearl and Enamel Earrings

Ellery Forbidden Fruit Gold-plated Earrings

Oscar de la Renta Silver-tone, Bead and Crystal Clip Earrings

Alighieri Il Leone 2.0 Gold-plated Hoop Earrings

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