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From New York To Paris, These Were Bags We Couldn’t Stop Spotting All Fashion Month

Get your wallets ready, because we’re going in fast. Not quite the new year yet, but still never too early for #NewBagNewMe.

Looking for a new bag and can’t decide which one to get? Don’t worry. We’ve rounded up the bags we couldn’t stop seeing at fashion week all in one place. Get your wallets ready, because we’re going in fast.

What’s not to love about bags? They help store your things when pockets fail you, and they among the easiest of outfit pick-me-ups (or as we like to call them, outfit expressos). The only downside of having bags? You can never have enough. Learning from the street style stars of fashion week, we’ve gathered a top-nine listicle on the next coolest bags to own. Hopefully this will make your next bag buying decision easier. Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for excited screaming and heart eyes that may or may lasting for days, and maxed out credit cards.

We’ll start things off with a personal favourite: the Boyy bag. Their signature oversized buckle is quickly becoming a must-have bag accessory every cool girl out there. Ask any street style icon about their favourite bags to own and this might probably be in their top three. We also cannot stop dreaming about Danse Lente’s Phoebe shoulder bags. Cute, sleek, yet with all the makings of an everyday bag. And, speaking of shoulder bags, have you seen Chloe’s Tess? They feature a big ring on the front, and they’re available in an assortment of colours. Need some badass-but-frankly-my-dear-I-don’t-care energy? Get a Chloe.

Oh, oh, and before we forget, we still all need a micro bag in our lives contrary to what was spotted on the runways! Fitting perfectly into our next to-buy list will definitely be the tiny micro bags from Jacquemus. Truly a rising cult favourite, the super adorable micro bags are almost always sold out. It’s not surprising to us though, since we’ve been spotting them on almost every style icon who attended fashion week. We have big love for these tiny micro bags. We can tell you will too!

And since summer’s not over yet, (or at least we’d like to believe) we’re breaking out the woven bags. We’re looking at Staud basket bucket bags. They’re handy, can hold more than just a lipstick, and versatile too. We’ve been giving away all our double taps to the style stars we spotted at fashion week getting fall-ready with these bags.

Chanel 31 Large Shopping Bag

Chloé Tess leather and suede shoulder bag

Jacquemus Le Chiquita mini tote bag

Staud Moreau mini macramé and leather bucket bag

Boyy Karl 24 buckled leather and velvet tote

Boyy Fred chain-embellished buckled leather shoulder bag

Danse Lente Phoebe Bis color-block textured-leather and resin tote

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