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These Sunglasses Will Work For Every Face Shape

Round, square, heart, oval or oblong-shaped, we've found a foolproof method to deciding whether a pair of sunglasses fits your face or not, off the bat.

Whether you’re trying to shield your eyes from the sun or the world from your eye bags, sunglasses have always been there, through thick and thin, through cracked lenses and misshapen temples. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with the same face shape, leaving the quest for a pair of sunglasses that flatter and not flatten (egos) for some to be more arduous than others. I have what I have conceded to call an “oblong” face shape, so I should know.

While others frolic and play, basking away in their cat-eye, aviator, wayfarer and oversized sunglasses that both past and present Nicole Richies would approve of, I’ve pretty much stuck to the same pair of circle frame sunglasses for the last three years. (Those of you who’ve stalked Yoyo on Instagram Stories would have probably seen it at some point.) Why? Because I haven’t been able to find another pair that fits my glorious oblongness as well.

Well, not until I met these. So, it happened on one regular Parisian afternoon, when I was waiting for Yoyo to get ready for our next show at fashion week. I randomly popped on said pair of sunglasses and strangely, as though by divine intervention, the sunglasses looked…alright. I then tried on another pair (this one specifically) and again – alright. What was happening? It was then that Yoyo said, “You know why these work? They’re both flat.” If you were to place the sunglasses lens down, all of it should be touching the surface, little to no gaps.

Alas, my eyes were opened – and not because I had shades blocking the sun’s glare on. As long as the frames were flat, my oblongness and I were safe. Which leads me to finally point out the following: if you were in here thinking that it was a story about what sunglasses suit your face shape best, whether heart shape or square, I’m sorry to disappoint. But! All is not lost! Because right here, we’ve rounded-up sunglasses that will suit all the faces. If my oblong face can float with these, your regular human faces will, too.

Acne Studios Spitfire Aviator Gold-Tone Mirrored Sunglasses

Fendi Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Gucci Metal Sunglasses

Illesteva Leonard Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Loewe Filipa D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Prada Round-Frame Tortoiseshell Gold-Tone Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Round-Frame Gold-Tone Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Aviator Gold-Tone Mirrored Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Aviator Silver-Tone Mirrored Sunglasses

Saint Laurent D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Saint Laurent D-Frame Glitter Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Circle Frame Sunglasses

Main Image: Phil Oh/Vogue.com

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