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11 Super Simple Slip Dresses That You Will Probably Wear Forever

We don't want to be that person who says that they'll go with everything, except these REALLY will go with EVERYTHING. You have our tried-and-tested guarantee.

Very much like how that white t-shirt and jeans combo are is essential to the quintessential minimalist, silky slip dresses are the dress versions of this classic. The true star of ’90s minimalism, its femininity and simplicity was the perfect tame and classy counterpart to the dramatic, rebellious, more-neon-than-thou tone of the ’80s. So good is the silky slip dress that has remained throughout the years, sliding its way back to superstardom in the last couple of seasons.

The building blocks of a great wardrobe that bends to your will are pieces that, well, mould themselves to your needs. Statements in themselves because of their classic cuts, these pieces are also anchors when more statement pieces come into the picture. Basically, your building blocks have to be chameleons, and a slip dress is one such creature.

About all those naysayers who go on about how you look like you’re wearing a sleeping dress? Ignore them, because you have the approval of legions upon legions of street style queens. Also, that sleeping dress aesthetic? Kind of the point.

When it comes to picking that one slip dress to have and to hold for the rest of your life – until you tire of it, but we’re betting it won’t be soon at all – we think it is best to go for silk, crepe or satin and one that really, truly flatters your body. In other words, don’t buy the first one you see and invest in a good material. If you like a little texture, try velvet. Second tip? Go for a piece that allows for layering possibilities and a colour that encourages your type of versatility. From then on, the possibilities will be endless.

Below, 11 of the most beautiful, minimalist slip dresses of the mo at different budgets – mostly black because #classic, but we have coloured options, too – each that we guarantee will go with sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, evening shoes and everything in between.

The Row Ebbins crepe maxi dress

The Row Gibbons crepe de chine midi dress

Malone Birger Nicoles stretch-silk satin midi dress

Ellery Tony ruched-side silk-satin slip dress

Raey V-neck velvet slip dress

Raey Easy silk slip dress

Raey V-neck silk-satin midi slip dress

Raey V-neck crinkled-silk cami midi slip dress

Nanushka Soraya satin midi dress

T By Alexander Wang Satin midi dress

Amiri Studded Washed-Silk Slip Dress

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