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10 Unconventional Sweaters That Take The Boring Out of Winter Dressing

You know who's NOT wearing yet another shapeless, rolled turtleneck sweater that everyone and their neighbour has this winter? YOU.

I think winter dressing is severely misunderstood. Because of the multiple layers involved and the fact that everything ends up under a coat, winter dressing gets the reputation of being boring. It has the reputation of being effortless, not in the French sense, but in the most literal sense, because why put in any effort when no one is going to see it under a coat? Plus, your sole goal is to not freeze, so aesthetic unfortunately takes a backseat.

Thank God for holiday party dresses and shoes. But, what of the other days? What of the days where you have to walk on the streets, exposed to the brutal winds? You reach for the sweater shelf and think, “Meh, not again.” The same rolled turtleneck, the same cable knit. Might as well close your eyes while getting dressed, because today’s look is going to end up 90 percent similar t0 yesterday’s. Bah humbug.

The classic, chunky turtleneck sweater is not to be blamed. Again, there are some days where you just don’t care – you just want to stay warm, and the chunky turtleneck feels like a warm, warm hug. It completely robs you of a body, but hey – at least your lips aren’t purple.

But, wait! Because we have options! Plenty of them! Consider the cut-out or off-shoulder sweater. No, don’t wear it alone. Instead, wear it over other turtlenecks for contrast. This Self-Portrait lace-up sweater gives an unconventional peekaboo at the neck, while the oversized quality of this Calvin Klein cold-shoulder lets you double or even triple the layers underneath whilst still looking mad cool (but you know, you’re warm). There are sweaters that create the illusion of layers, such as this one from Burberry that comes with a corset. Need something more figure-flattering? Jacquemus has one nipped at the waist with balloons sleeves that, again, allow for comfortable layering.

Which ever you choose, we guarantee one thing – when that coat comes off, you’re going to be that one person in the room with a sweater that looks different.

Burberry Ribbed Intarsia Knit Sweater

Calvin klein 205W39NYC Cold-shoulder Cable Knit Wool-Blend Sweater

Calvin klein 205W39NYC Ribbed Wool and Cashmere Sleeves

Jacquemus La Maille Pablo Ribbed-Knit Wool Sweater

Monse Upside Down Two-Tone Wool Sweater

Monse Striped Ribbed Stretch-Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini

Self-Portrait Lace-Up Striped Ribbed Cotton-Blend Sweater

Self-Portrait Cold-Shoulder Striped Cotton-Blend Sweater

Wanda Nylon Asymmetric Ribbed-Knit Sweater

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