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Like The Basket Bags Everybody Wants, But For Your Feet

Hey basket bag, maybe it is time to share a slice of that summer pie with these hot-weather ready basket shoes. What do you say?

It is safe to say that no one saw the whole basket bag situation exploding and lasting for more than a season, much less a year – and still going strong! Perhaps, it has something to do with Jane Birkin a.k.a. The OG Basket Queen and that French je ne sais quoi. Perhaps, it has something to do with it being a mental a port key – where my Potterheads at, eh? – temporarily teleporting you to a place far, far away where there is sun, sand, mango smoothies and not a care in the world.

If we’re going with that theory, perhaps basket shoes – at least that’s what we’re calling them – can do the same. Not flip-flops. God, no. Instead, mules, loafers, wedge heels and even architectural heels, but with some woven raffia here and fringed canvas there. Like the basket bags everyone wants, but for feet!

Here’s what is kind of great about the woven shoes that just landed. While you have your full raffia ones that scream island getaway and summer vacay – that rhyme was 100 percent intentional – a good number of them meld more dressed-up elements like velvet, a skinny heel and woven leather that will work after the sun goes down on that resort holiday. Part night-out, part beach. Shop the ones that caught our eye below.

Castaner + Manolo Blahnik By Day Canvas and Raffia Pumps

Castaner Carina Frayed Canvas Wedge Espadrilles

Castaner Velvet Wedge Espadrilles

Castaner Faram Velvet Mules

Loq Ines Woven Leather Mules

Carrie Forbes Salon Woven Faux Raffia Slides

Carrie Forbes Karim Woven Faux Raffia Wedge Sandals

Manebí Yucatan Raffia Espadrilles 

Neous Woven Leather Slingback Pumps

Clergerie Idalie Raffia Platform Slides

Mercedes Castillo Izar Raffia and Fringed Linen Mules

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