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How To Borrow From The Boys (Without Looking Like A Boy)

In collaboration with Montblanc.

When you think about “borrowing from the boys” – i.e. menswear inspired trends, or really just a nice term to justify stealing clothes from a close-by male – the things that automatically come to mind are oversized men’s shirts, boyfriend jeans and pantsuits. Rarely does the mind think of men’s accessories, much less timepieces.

What’s interesting though, is that men’s watches are one of those subtle ways to borrow from the boys without going full-on boy. When you pair it with something feminine, it adds that extra touch of contrast. It is kind of sexy if you think about it.

Here, I have Montblanc’s 4810 Orbis Terrarum from the 4810 collection, created to celebrate 110 years of the watchmaker’s pioneering spirit and dedication to detailed craftsmanship. The Orbis Terrarum’s face is larger than most women’s watches, the strap is thicker and the complication is more informative than decorative. (It actually has the ability to adjust to the 24 different time zones of the world – see, craftsmanship – so if you’re a frequent flyer, this comes in really handy.) The Orbis Terrarum is very menswear, but because of how clean-cut and sleek it is, it actually is an easy-to-style piece.

For a casual, lazy-weekend spin, I paired the Orbis Terrarum with a slip-dress and a thick cardigan that grandmas the world over will love. Taking it into the night, I swapped the cosy for crisp with a minimal jumpsuit. Both were styled with black chokers, for that matchy-matchy effect with the watch’s black alligator strap. See, easy peasy. How would you style the 4810 Orbis Terrarum?


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