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Bottega Veneta Brings A Brilliant Breath of Fresh Air To Milan Fashion Week

Daniel Lee's reimagination of Bottega Veneta brings the house's rich heritage into a world of experimentation and adventurous risks. Now, this is something worth getting excited about.

Whenever there’s a new creative director on the block, there’s always buzz and excitement surrounding the brand. This time with Bottega Veneta is no different, and, perhaps even a little more than just different. Daniel Lee, the 32-year-old who has worked under the helm of Phoebe Philo herself, has taken over Tomas Maier’s role to bring ultra-fresh perspectives to the Italian house so known for its heritage.

Set in a clear tent, leather looks after leather looks came down the runway. Lee’s respect for Bottega Veneta’s heritage and speciality in leather was very much present, but the techniques and innovations he employs are particularly astonishing.

The first look featured a full-leather sleeveless dress cut simply, but unexpectedly. Then, came a puffy, quilted leather coat, cinched in at the waist with a chain belt. The experimentation and manipulation of leather continued, altering the house’s iconic intrecciato weave into larger forms or complex weaves with the use of laser-cut techniques, mixing traditional craftsmanship with technology.

On closer look, the intricacy is apparent, like works of art in a museum. His choice of materials aren’t limited to just leather, either – knits, twill and a rubber-like fabric that resembled a stiffer form of leather helped form desirable silhouettes. It may all look simple on the surface, but the intricacy truly shows up-close.

Moving onto accessories, Lee left no detail untouched. There was a mix of different textures and silhouettes present in both bags and shoes. Structural leather box bags and full-metal clutches were in contrast with soft, pillowy bags made with the same quilted-leather technique and strips of leather pieced together to form a voluminous, whimsical clutch. The shoes were no different: Square-toed pumps versus sturdy, voluminous boots that we predict will be the next It-girl shoe.

Is Daniel Lee successful in courting a new younger crowd whilst not forgetting the ardent fans of the brands? Time will tell, but if the cheers and excited gasps we heard at Bottega Veneta’s showroom post-show day are any indication, all signs seem to point to “yes”. (Philophiles, rejoice!)

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