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Brand To Know: Julia Seemann

For starters, Rihanna wore an entire outfit from her collection, a DAY after it premiered on the runway. Can we get a "whaaaaaat"?

The word “cool” has been very subjective these days. “Cool” like riding shotgun with your hair undone or “cool” like being clad in Vetements? One thing’s for sure, we’re definitely staying put in the vintage bandwagon, because we’re about to plunge into the world of the coolest designer. Ever. Her name? Julia Seemann.

I’ve sewn a couple of things myself – skirts, tops and bags – and have always been very proud of my own little achievements. But for every ounce of accomplishment I have left in my veins, Seemann smashes them into smithereens. To start, the Zurich-based designer debuted her collection at VFiles in New York City, one year after her graduation. A day in, Rihanna is spotted rocking one of her looks at the Kanye West x Adidas fashion show back in 2015, and as we all know, what Rihanna says is law. If that were to happen to me, I would’ve fainted right there and then.

An internship with Vivienne Westwood and Meadham Kirchhoff has definitely played a part in inspiring Seemann. Both houses are known for their bold, visual and structural designs, and that reflects in her colour-panelled dresses and printed graphic tees.

If you were to cook up a description of her most recent Spring/Summer 2018 collection, you might end up with buzzwords like “80s” and “music festival”. It’s got almost every colour on the rainbow and revolves around the concept of Medusa and fighting for something you love. A little out there, but in the best way. Her garments are a mix of street and classic workwear, pairing oversized jackets with band T-shirts and bling bling over-the-top hoop earrings. We’ve definitely got our eye on one or two from the collection, and we’ve definitely got our eye on her.

Julia Seemann Wide Leg Jeans

Julia Seemann Snake Crystal Pearl Choker Green

Julia Seemann Double Breasted Checked Coat

Julia Seemann Panelled Polo Dress


Julia Seemann Snake Crystal Pearl Clip Earrings 

Julia Seemann ‘Incubus Succubus’ Shirt

Julia Seeman Long Sleeve Orange


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