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Brand To Know: Revé By René

They've got sunglasses so badass that they come with their own detachable cat ears and vampire teeth.

We’re all for pimping up-and-coming designers here at YOYOKULALA.com, which is why from here on out, we’re kickstarting our own “Brand To Know” series. A new Love & Relationships column, the resurrection of “Room Diaries” and now this new thing right here – what a week we’re having, eh? Seeing as we’re such massive sunglass hoarders, we thought it fitting to start the ball rolling with Revé By René.

Revé By René is the brainchild of model-turned-designer René Chu, who honed her design chops first at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles before moving to Hong Kong to start her brand. Like so many fashion entrepreneurs, she created Revé By René because she couldn’t find eyewear that met her expectations, and for her, that meant adaptability. A mood ring for your face, if you will.

Just take Chu’s signature Make Me Meow” and “9 Lives” sunglasses that come with detachable magnetic cat ears. Snap the ears on if you’re feeling especially quirky, take them off for the everyday. Because everybody wants to be a unicorn, there’s also the super shiny “I Am Limited Edition” that comes with its own detachable horn. Feeling a little naughty? Go for the cheekily named “Sweet Suck”. Let’s just say that Edward Cullen’s canines have nothing on these. (Oh god, did we really just go there…)

“Until Next Time” is also another brilliant piece. Essentially circle sunglasses, the four detachable pieces the come along with it give you room to transform it into futuristic square ones. If vintage styles are more your thing, you have to check out the new “Jellybean” range. The tinted lenses really hit the spot, but the best thing about it is how flat they are, which means they’ll look good on everybody.

With such a fresh concept right from the start, it is hardly surprising that Revé By René eventually caught the attention of Colette in Paris (a.k.a. the one place everybody goes to during Paris Fashion Week that is unfortunately closing for reasons we cannot fathom and has left countless of shopaholics such as ourselves in mourning since the news broke) just barely four months after its debut. For such a young brand coming out of Asia, it’s a feat nothing short of impressive. As of today, Revé By René currently retails at over 12 cities worldwide, including Tokyo, Los Angeles and yes, Singapore. Considering that we’re seeing it all over Instagram these days, we’re pretty sure that Chu’s fan base is only getting bigger.

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