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Brand To Know: Sies Marjan

Founded by Dutch designer Sander Lak, the upcoming label doesn't believe in the colour black and its many myths. In its place? The unexpected combination of sherbet hues and draping.

We LOVE black. It’s such a versatile and flattering colour that we’re constantly drawn to buying. Colours are rarely seen in our shopping cart, let alone vibrant hues of orange and blue. I’m sure many of you share the same sentiments too, aside from a splash of pink or red from the holiday season last year. But if you’re looking to incorporate a bit more colours into your wardrobe for the next year, Sies Marjan is here to help.

Don’t worry, the name’s not a tongue twister. Pronounced as sees mar-jahnthe name is a combination of the names of creative director Sander Lak’s parents. According to the NY Times, Lak, who is Dutch, believes that, contrary to the principle of the Little Black Dress, very few women look good in black and expressed that it’s a myth that black is a slimming colour. With close to no black in his collections, his runway shows are often an explosion of sherbet hues and rainbow aesthetics, which is what sets them apart from the mainstream.

Filled with flowy drapes and tactfully crumpled shirts, the brand takes a more modern look on the vintage trend. The man knows his fabrics and can say so because of his experience in the industry, notably his four-year designer role in Dries Van Noten. In an interview with Dazed, Lak mentioned that he didn’t want to make vintage clothes, but “wanted to make clothes that feel like, even though they’re new, they have had a life.” He also loves a good monochrome outfit, because it radiates a certain sort of confidence. This explains the multiple monochrome outfits all throughout his recent collections.

We’ve got massive love for this brand’s lounge-like elegance and it seems like Beyoncé and Zoe Saldana do, too – both of them have worn Lak’s gowns to the red carpet. Having big names like Anna Wintour attend his first show is among his list of credentials as well. It looks like there’s no slowing down for Sies Marjan and New York’s the perfect place it could be. If you’re all for ditching the LBD this holiday party season, look no further than the pastel edit below.

Sies Marjan Pippa Shearling Coat

Sies Marjan Paloma Ruched Crepe Dress

Sies Marjan Terry Crinkled Wool-Blend Blazer


Sies Marjan Mona Pleat-Detail Cotton Shirtdress

Sies Marjan Coralie Striped Cotton Sweater

Sies Marjan Decorative-Knot Cable-Knit Sweater

Sies Marjan Emma Crossfront Dress

Sies Marjan Suede Ellen 110 Platform Boots

Sies Marjan Jane Chukka 65 Boots

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