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Brand to Know: Blobb

The brainchild of Mexico-based artist Sofia Elias, this young jewellery label’s candy-hued, gem embedded amorphous rings have shot to fame on the ‘gram. Here’s the backstory.

Nostalgia is the brain’s coping mechanism for tiding through the austerity of current affairs. I’m not making this up – the claim is backed by science. And if the trends that we’ve seen all over the ‘gram were anything to go by, we’d consider the theory proven.

Last summer, we saw the resurgence of beaded jewellery. The DIY sort that you made for your closest girlies as a kid. Smiley faces, heart shapes, beads picked in every shade of the rainbow – the smile-makers from our childhood were now an internet approved trend for adults. The joy!

Following on the heels of beaded jewellery are Blobb‘s rings. The punchy-hued rings (or rather, blobs) embedded with gems that are the brainchild of Mexico-based Sofia Elias – a trained architect whose dabble into jewellery a little over a year ago was purely accidental. Born out of the 26-year-old’s playful tendencies, Blobb’s amorphous rings began as a retrospect of her childhood.

Never intended on being a jewellery designer, Elias’s approach to Blobbs very much takes after that of a sculptor. Each piece, crafted by hand, and no two designs ever the same. It didn’t take very long at all for Blobb to rise to stardom on the ‘gram. Everyone wanted a piece or multiple of the candy-coloured rings to layer on their fingers.

Perhaps, Blobb’s pull is magnified by the collective mood for nostalgia in the cultural zeitgeist. Remember the simpler times, when you’d while your day away as a kid moulding plasticine? Elias’s rings take us back to those days. Certainly, a mood booster when life unfolds like a horror film you never paid to watch.

It’s also that much more special that no one else in the world would share the same piece of ring with you. Just like reliving your memories from childhood, they’re yours and only yours.

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