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Brand To Know: Bode

She may be known for her menswear, one-of-a-kind collections, but there’s nothing stopping us from stealing a little from the guys.

You know the gush of buttery goodness the sun radiates when it’s near the horizon? That’s the “golden hour” and Emily Bode has got it personified into her New York-based menswear brand. It’s that time in the day where time appears to have frozen and everything around you is enveloped into a warm, glowing embrace. If you’re looking to translate that into your style, you might want to get to know Bode a little better. That’s right – for this edition of Brand To Know, we’re diving into menswear. Considering how much we love a boxy pantsuit, you would think we would have done it sooner! Manned by a woman, no less.

In a world where throw-away culture is ubiquity, it’s refreshing to see a young designer breathe new life into old, antique textiles. She’s Emily Bode and in 2016, she launched the beautiful menswear brand Bode (pronounced BOH-dee). Since then, Bode has been picked up by multiple global retailers including Tres Bien and Opening Ceremony. Add opening for New York Fashion Week into the mix and there you have it, a fashion design powerhouse at just 29 years old. 

To further set her apart, every piece in her collection has a little bit of history woven in. Whether it’s 100-year-old linens or an antique tablecloth, everything she sources are one-of-a-kind and from all over the world. She will fashion together a jacket with quilts that will make you have heart-eyes for days. Bode is doing more than just breathing life into old textiles, she’s piecing together different histories and cultures into a patchwork of love and style. To make sure that history doesn’t get lost in translation, she has a catalogue of stories behind what are the textiles that make up each garment. You can find nuggets of information in the description boxes of the designs. 

Individualistic and distinct, there are no two words that can better describe Bode’s designs. Her presentations and creative directions always have a somewhat cinematic effect. Through her eyes, we’re led in to a world thats personal to her, and we’re absolutely in love with her unforgettable and recognisable garments. 

Because of her unique textile selections, most items in her collection have very few quantities. So it comes as no surprise that fashion week attendees were requesting to buy her pieces on the spot. I mean, who could resist a lovingly mended and hand tailored piece of history you could wear forever? Not us. Bode may be a menswear brand, but there are some things in fashion we’ll bend the rules for. 

We’re currently obsessing over her printed camp collar shirts, a vintage grain sack inspired pair of side-tie trousers, and a workwear jacket made from 1960s American bath towels. Trust us, it doesn’t get any cooler than this. If you’re like us and you’ve fallen head over heels for darling Bode, you can shop her pieces here.

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