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Brand to Know: Éliou

Summer might officially be over but we look back at our favourite find of the season.

For a few summers now, seashell jewellery has been the pièce de résistance of vacation wardrobes. They were the very embodiment of a tropical holiday – souvenirs you could’ve picked up from the shores of the beaches you whiled away idyllic afternoons on.

We’ve loved them, we’ve loved them for long but at some point, caught ourselves hoping for another jewellery trend to take over the mantle. One that Gigi Hadid had seemingly caught onto a year or two ahead of the rest of us mere mortals.

The supermodel has been the poster child for pearl jewellery as far back at 2018. Not the serious, passed down from your grandmother sort – though, we’ve no doubt she’d be approving of the trend. The ones Hadid was photographed in came strung with summer-appropriate colourful beads. The Hadid-approved handmade pearl pieces in question are from Éliou – the brainchild of best friends Cristina Mantilla and Duda Teixeira.

At the US-based jewellery brand, every piece of jewellery is handcrafted from natural materials. Like the ones you might’ve strung together for a best friend from souvenirs you picked up off the shores, save for the fact that the ones from Éliou are made with craftsmanship far superior than that of a tween.

Summer might be over but we’re holding onto its memories in these pieces from Éliou that feel like they’ve been tailor made for us.

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