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Brand to Know: Holiday The Label

This Gigi Hadid-approved Australian label is THE epitome of a summer wardrobe. Sprightly hues, super cute prints, oh and, loungewear included – do we have your attention?

When Gigi Hadid finally revealed her baby bump to the world on an Instagram live sesh after months of keeping it concealed under oversized tops, the internet went into a frenzy. The screenshots began making their rounds – as they always do. The baby bump, however, was not the only adorable thing in frame. Hadid was clad in a olive green checkered button-down pyjama shorts set. In the same live stream, she went on to rave about just how comfortable the checkered shirt and shorts co-ord was.

The said set, now made famous by Hadid, is but one of the many from Australian brand Holiday The Label. The label’s lineup of printed, colourful garb just as its name suggests, screams holiday. A holiday might be entirely out of the question till Miss Rona concludes her world tour but that doesn’t mean we have to be entirely stripped of the joy of going on a vacation. We all get a free pass to dress for a tropical getaway even if we were merely making a trip to the grocery store.

The brand’s lineup of prints, not limited to the Insta-famous checkered print, also includes Hawaiian souvenir shop florals, zebra, cowhide, cheetah and even newspaper motifs. The epitome of a summer wardrobe, if you will. These are what we like to call happy clothes – the kind that can pick up your mood in an instant on the days you could use a perk me up. Sprightly colours and fun prints are a winning combination in our books.

Even if it’s the summer that never happened, there’s nothing stopping you from dressing for it anyway. It’s all about a sunshine state of mind, baby!

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