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Brand To Know: Pacharee

For the love of gold, pearls, and nature. We’re crushing big time on this Bangkok based jewellery brand, and they’re making us fall in love with… alphabets?

This Bangkok-based jewellery-focused brand might be able to reignite your love for all things gold, pearls, and… the alphabets? Sounds elementary, perhaps little bit childish, but that is not the case at all. To get you through spring, summer, and all the humidity-laden days in between, Pacharee has a horde of gold layered necklaces and beautiful pearl bracelets that will transport you right onto the coastline of paradise.

The designs are simple, effortless, and so, so pretty. You wouldn’t think that alphabets on a gold chain would wow anybody past the age of five, but that’s only because you haven’t seen what Pacharee can bring to the table. They have the prettiest pearl bracelets that are formed with anything but the typical circular beads, and it’s not something you see everyday. If you want, you could also wear it as a choker. They even have earring birthstones hammered with gold plating – if you want to give your ears a little more attention. Heavily inspired by nature and the organic elements, the accessories are so divine that it’s almost like bringing a piece of serenity with you.

A scroll through their Instagram profile and the pictures will remind you of soft sand between your toes, and the buttery evening sun on your skin. The little details count, and Pacharee knows it best. For their alphabet necklaces, you can expect to find tiny beads of pearls lining the insides of the frame. It also doesn’t hurt that wearing your alphabet on a chain is quickly becoming a trend again, set in motion by none other than fashion’s finest: Philo-era Celine and Chloé. It’s a cute little way to add your own quirks and personality into an outfit.

And, just when you think that there couldn’t possibly be anything better about Parcharee, they’ll prove you wrong again. Their main focus may be on creating accessory masterpieces out of the natural elements that surrounds us, they do venture into designing clothes as well. Once again, they pay homage to nature by hand crafting every single feminine style. Each piece is botanically dyed, and it will transport you into a whirlwind of artistry and soothing colours. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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