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Brand to Know: Pangaia

Far from just another sustainable brand on the block, London-based label Pangai is set to define the future of clothing with unparalleled fabric innovation.

We’re nearly halfway through the year. While we’re still holding out hope to finally do some living in the second half of the year (we beg for your mercy, covid-19), we’re going to jump the gun and declare loungewear the MVP of our wardrobes for 2020. Do you recall the last time you put on real clothes? No? We’re right here with you.

If you find yourself on the opposite camp where getting dressed has remained a part of your routine even if it were for you walks from the couch to the fridge, kudos to you! There’s a part of our sweatpants enslaved selves that wishes we approached quarantine with such enviable self-preservation.

Having been in social isolation, our outfit anatomy has rarely deviated from a heavy rotation of sweatpants and oversized t-shirts. A month-ish in, if not for the need for variety, personal hygiene begged the addition of new loungewear brands to our existing arsenal. It’s what led to our discovery of Pangaia. The London-based label’s line of basics first caught our attention on – you guessed it – Instagram. At first look, nondescript in its design save for a few liners detailing its sustainable make, Pangaia might pass one by as just another line of basics.

It takes a deeper delve into the vivid hued line-up of loungewear to recognise that there’s none other quite like the almost two-year old label in the market. In fact, Pangaia brands itself as a “material science company on a mission to design a better future.” Built with sustainability at its core, Pangaia’s entire range is made with either recycled materials or lab-produced alternatives.

T-shirts conceived with seaweed fibers; puffer jackets constructed with material made from dried wild flowers; and garments coloured with natural botanical dyes made from plants, fruits and vegetable. Pangaia invites you into the future of clothing. Naturally (pun intended!), the brand’s packaging too follows suit in the brand’s eco-conscious endeavour. Made from a bio-based plastic alternative that can be entirely broken down in 24 hours, Pangaia leaves zero waste and a marginally minimal carbon footprint.

Winning with a trifecta of minimal loungewear, environmental consciousness and pocket-friendly price points, Pangaia is what we’re betting on for our supply of cosy loungewear and the future of fashion.

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