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Brand To Know: Prêtte

A good balance of fun, edgy and sexy, this up and coming, super affordable brand with the Hadid stamp of approval is something we are keeping our eyes on.

Find any of these looks familiar? That’s because many high profile stars are beginning to parade in these bold, fun pieces that channel that 90s nostalgia. Its not hard to see why the cool girls are gravitating towards Prêtte pieces – decked in form-fitting, chicly checkered prints, they evoke an unapologetic edgy vibe. As Prêttes website says, you’ll easily find the actual pieces your [favourite] celeb is wearing in our online fashion boutique” – and we dont doubt that for a minute.

Founded by a small group of like-minded people, the LA-based brand seeks to emulate the bold, sexy attitude that the 90s had spearheaded. With easily wearable pieces, this brand represents the modern, effortless chic that’s widely sought after. Despite embodying the retro chic aesthetic that is all the rage now, you dont even have to reach deep into your pockets to own any of their pieces. (Their most expensive pieces are priced at US$69.) 

The barely one-month-old label was first thrown into the limelight by Bella Hadid during the 2018 Milan Fashion Week, who subsequently donned many other #OOTD worthy pieces such as the Carmine Set to multiple other occasions. (In fact, the brand came into prominence because of a “guerrilla” campaign with Hadid where she sported a blonde wig.) An ever growing list of notable celebrities paying patronage to Prêtte also includes Halsey, Olivia Munn, Gabrielle Union. Given their talents for spotting rising trends, we predict that this new label is only on an upward trajectory towards being the next in-thing.

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