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Brand To Know: Saddlers Union

Bucket bags fit for a first lady abound. Get to know the unassuming Roman heritage leather house that once counted Jackie O as a fan.

On the streets of Via Margutta in Rome, one will find themselves walking down a row of artisans, a place made famous by the popular film Roman Holiday. Number 11 is where you will also find heritage leather boutique Saddlers Union. This is the kind of brand you will not find on the covers of magazines. Not yet, anyway.

Founded in 1957 by five leather craftsmen, the brand developed a cult following – which included former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy – and their bucket bag with the oversized eyelets became their signature. Like the ring bag, Saddlers Union’s leather and raffia buckets are a great fall alternative to the basket bag trend this summer. It has a super chill and laid back vibe, which makes it classy as well. If you’re not the type for loud logos and prints, this low-key brand is definitely for you.

In 2004, the company had to shut due to financial issues. It was then reopened by siblings Micaela and Paolo Calabresi Marconi, who wanted to revive the brand that their family had loved. They convinced one of the five retired artisans, Angelo Zaza, with the prospects of Via Margutta, and relaunched in 2009. With the interests of consumers in mind, the duo tweaked the designs, introducing different colours and materials to suit a contemporary market.

There’s been a lot of love going around for vintage of late. There’s that bit of nostalgia from that era, and we can’t stop ourselves from gravitating towards good ol’ vintage Chanel. Saddlers Union has a look that is somewhere between the 1960s to 1970s – and we’re not saying no to that. If you’d like to buy one for yourself, three cheers for you because they ship international. The label has limited availability outside of Rome – the stockist doesn’t seem to say where exactly – so your best bet is getting it straight from the site.

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