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Brand to Know: Selkie

Every girl pretends like she is a princess at some point. And if even for a day, the dreamy dresses from this Los Angeles based brand will have you feeling like you're living in a fantasy.

“Fanciful, nostalgic and romantic,” are the adjectives Kimberley Gordon enlists to describe Selkie. We couldn’t have come up with a better descriptor for her brainchild even if we tried. When we first chanced upon one of Gordon’s whimsical dresses on the ‘gram, it instantly brought us back to our childhoods.

Ah, the good ol’ days of prancing around in poofy, princessy numbers for days on end. Those dresses, we outgrew with age – in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Somewhere along the way, most of us have bought into the school of thought that a woman should dress her age. Whatever that means.

At Selkie,  Gordon brings back the magic into the womenswear arena. Her clothing riffs off Irish, Scottish, Icelandic and Scandinavian folklore that she fell in love with growing up in the United Kingdom and later in Santa Barbara. “My love of make-believe has infiltrated my work and play for as long as I can remember,” Gordon recalls on Selkie’s website. The brand’s name itself, she further reveals, is that of mythological creatures of the ocean. The folklore has it that if a man steals her skin when she’s out of the waters basking in the sun, she’d be condemned to be his wife. However, if the selkie finds her skin again, she returns to her original form and returns to the sea where she belongs.

Like Selkie, we’re all on a perennial pursuit to find our metaphorical skins. And drawing the parallel to real life, Gordon applies that to a self of unbridled freedom with dressing thyself. Selkie’s dresses are feminine, playful and young –  things that should be privy to all women. Beyond transcending age, inclusivity also reigns supreme at Selkie with sizes that run all the way from 2 to 18.

The puff sleeves, the frilly edges, the saccharine sweet hues – it’s where the lines between fantasy and reality blur. Why settle for bland reality when you could be living a fairy tale in one of Selkie’s numbers, even if it were for a day.

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