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Brand to Know: Yun Yun Sun Jewellery

Even if you aren't a fashion magpie drawn to shine, the razzle and dazzle of Yun Yun Sun's eponymous line of jewellery will have you making a double take.

If diamonds were a girl’s best friend just as Marilyn Monroe had crooned in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Taiwan-based independent jewellery label Yun Yun Sun has found the sweet spot to pander to every woman’s desire. Even if you were unfamiliar with the brand, chances are, the moniker Yun Yun Sun rings a bell. The eponymous brand’s founder Yun Yun Sun, who also goes by the name Aimee Sun, is one who needs little introduction.

Counting a burgeoning following of close to a million on Instagram, the Taiwanese style maven has amassed an unmistakable presence in Asia’s fashion circuit. A perusal of her feed will have you know Sun has the It girl look down pat. Even on her seemingly lax days (when she’s not partying it up with Alexander Wang at fashion week) Sun’s personal style exudes a certain polish that reads as luxurious. How does one look that put together in an understated white t-shirt and shorts, you ask?

It might take closer observation to figure out Sun’s not so secret, secret to looking like a million bucks – accessorising. If she wasn’t all blinged out in an assortment of earrings, necklaces or rings – strategically put together, of course – a pair of statement sunglasses would sit in place to pull her look together. Drawing from her arsenal of stylistic choices, Sun birthed her eponymous jewellery line more than a decade ago in 2006.

Her high octane designs, a wide spanning array from costume to fine jewellery, have gathered a cult following. The attention- demanding, diamond and precious stone encrusted pieces crafted from 18-carat gold are the pieces you can bank on to steal the limelight on a night out. Luxurious in its appeal yet none too serious, Sun’s creations carry tongue-in-cheek phrases that will have your millennial heart hankering for a necklace, ring or an earring.

You could flip the world off with a diamond encrusted necklace that reads “Stfu” all while keeping it really classy in diamonds and gold. C’mon, nothing says more lady than that. Just as there are plenty of outstanding options for evening wear, Sun’s collections also offer dialled down pieces for the everyday. You could go hard or go home – you’re not forced to pick a side at Yun Yun Sun. Like a magpie drawn to shiny objects and Cardi B, we like diamonds, we like stunting, we like shining – and we’ve fallen head over heels for Yun Yun Sun.

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