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In The Name Of Love

Nearly 50 years since its creation, Cartier presents a new version of the iconic Love bracelet. Follow us as we take the #LOVEBracelet from Singapore to Tokyo and back again.

Jewellery and love are two things that have gone hand in hand throughout history. One need only look at the great Elizabeth Taylor, the relationship she had with Richard Burton and the plethora of jewellery that stemmed from it. Jewellers the world over have dedicated pieces to love, but none quite so enduring and iconic as Cartier’s Love bracelet. A simple name for a straightforward piece.

Interestingly oval in shape – so it gently clings to your wrist instead of chaffing your arm – and dotted with screw motifs, the Love bracelet is just instantly recognisable. Even those unfamiliar with the ways of the jewelleryverse will have an idea of what it is when you start describing it.

Now, here’s a piece of trivia for you: Cartier is French, but the Love bracelet was actually created in New York by Aldo Cipullo. It was birthed at the advent of the seventies, the height of the hippie era and the “make love not war” ethos. With the current rocky climate and uncertainty going on in the world today, love – the very idea that brought the Love bracelet to life – seems more important than ever.

Nearly half a century on, the Love bracelet is still wildly popular, and it is not difficult to understand why. (It was apparently the most Googled piece of jewellery last year.) It is unique yet versatile, modern yet timeless, masculine yet feminine, simple yet iconic, steadfast yet adaptable. Duality is at the core of its design.

It is this very adaptability that led to the recent revamp of the Love bracelet. The changes are small, but they actually make a lot of sense. For the first time since Cipullo, the Love bracelet is more delicate and slimmer than ever, opening up more room for stacking. It also only opens on one end instead of two, allowing easy self-fastening without any extra help. A shout out to self-love and independence? We think so.

Above, Yoyo takes the new Love bracelet in yellow gold from Singapore to Japan, proving its timelessness no matter where you are, what you have on and the kind of love you’re pursuing. To see the new Love bracelet in motion, watch Cartier’s new film series How Far Would You Go For Love here, here and here.

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