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When Plain ‘Ol Sunnies Get a Summer Selfie-Ready Makeover

These aren't just your grandma's chained glasses, they are 'bout to be Summer's hot ticket accessory.

As they are, sunglasses are Summer’s hot ticket accessory – essentially, a staple in the hot girl summer starter pack. You can’t step out the door without a pair of sunnies on a sweltering Summer day because UV rays and premature crow’s feet around the eyes are real concerns. Functionality aside, sunglasses are also a go-to cover for the days when you’re tapping out from the battle between makeup and humidity or interaction with the rest of mankind. With every Summer follows an excuse to add another pair of sunglasses to your collection.

The question is, however, how many pairs of sunnies can you accumulate before they all more or less begin to look the same? Consider this proposition – take an existing pair and add groovy chains to it and wa lah! You have yourself a new (but old) pair of sunnies. If you’re not on the lookout for an entirely new pair, the addition of a chain is a fool-proof way to add some pizzazz to one that you already own. These your-grandma’s-but-cooler sunglasses were everywhere from Chanel to Gucci at the Spring/Summer 2020 runway showings. And when Korean eyewear giant Gentle Monster also adds chained sunglasses to its repertoire, you know it’s officially an eyewear trend. Pearls, chains or marbled-resin, which one is going to be the star of your next Summer selfie?

Gucci marbled-resin glasses chain

Chanel Butterfly sunglasses


Avery sunglass chain

Gentle Monster Fall Ring SV

Fendi Figaro sunglasses chain

Urban Outfitters oval link sunglasses chain

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