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Meet Our Latest Coco Crush

The latest lineup of Toi et Moi rings from Chanel’s Coco Crush fine jewellery line recounts a romantic tale of a chance encounters. 

There’s an undeniable romance about the house of Chanel – the ethereal elegance of the Chanel bride who waltzes down at the end of every runway presentation; the feminine allure of the Chanel No.5 scent; the everlasting beauty of its Coco Crush fine jewellery collections. 

Turning the page into a new chapter, the maison’s latest Coco Crush collection sees the rebirth of its signature quilted Toi et Moi rings. The Toi et Moi rings, since their conception in 2015, have found their place in women’s boudoirs as statement-making modern pieces. The iterations throughout the years after have seen the rings speckled with diamonds and rendered in an array of varying width for easy stacking. 

The latest collection, however, reinvents the classic silhouette of the. Instead of a single ring set, the new design sees two distinctive “C”s one stacked on top of the other. Beyond the obvious connections that the double “C” design has with the maison’s logo, the story extends beyond the façade. The rings allude to the many encounters in Gabrielle Chanel’s life. 

Just as Gabrielle Chanel was a multi-faceted woman, the latest Toi et Moi ring speaks of a duality in its personality. Soft in its curvatures yet expressing strength with a certain rigor; simple in its structure yet bold in its lines, an everyday piece and a statement maker all at once. 

The small Coco Crush Toi et Moi rings are available in beige gold, white gold and beige gold, each set with two diamonds. The large ring is available in white gold and beige gold set with eight diamonds. 

Explore the collection at here.

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