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15 Things You May Have Missed From Chanel’s “The Modernity In Antiquity”

Chanel brought ancient Greece right into the heart of Paris. Here, we uncover every single detail you need to know about the Cruise 2018 collection.

A Chanel show is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. One season we’re in Cuba, the next season we’re at the atelier and the next season, we’re on a rocket to the moon. Remember that one time where Karl Lagerfeld surprised us all by holding a show in Singapore? That’s one for the social studies books. (You laugh, but we honestly think it’ll end up in a textbook somewhere.)

It’s no secret that Chanel ranks high – if not supreme – as the most anticipated show of any season. While it is customary for Chanel to hold its Cruise show in some far-flung location, the Kaiser decided to present this season’s collection right at its usual address – the Grand Palais in Paris. That doesn’t mean we can’t travel in our heads, though. All you need is the right ambience, just a tiny bit of imagination and yet another one of Chanel’s killer show sets. Welcome to Chanel’s very own version of ancient Greece.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, gladiators, Greek pottery and a whole array of Greek goddesses collide in Chanel’s Mount Olympus. Titled “La Modernité De L’Antiquité” – or “The Modernity in Antiquity” – Chanel’s interpretation of ancient Greece reminds us exactly why the world remains so fascinated with it so many millennia on. The aesthetic, the elegance, the opulence, the ferocity. Yet, behind the draped dresses, gold accents, gladiator sandals and ridiculously immaculate embroidery work, Chanel’s Cruise 2018 also puts together so many pieces that just scream island-slash-desert vacation. If you missed the show, we’ve rounded up 15 things about it above that we think you should know.

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